Sunday, 22 December 2013

A video clip that caught my attention

This video is called "What's in a candle flame".
The video is showing whats actually inside a candle flame and the properties of a candle flame.
What i've learnt from the video:
-Candle flames contain charged ions.
-Candle flames are plasmas
-The positively charged ions go to negatively charged ions. Vice Versa.
-The smoke of the candle after it is extinguished, also contains charged ions.

Places I like to go in Singapore

I like to go to the Universal Studios Singapore as it is fun and enjoyable. There are so many cool and different kinds of attractions from rides to eateries. Its a place to fully relax and enjoy oneself.

About Me (I)

Hi everyone, my name is Ryan Ong. You can address me as Ryan Ong or just Ryan
My hobbies are drawing, sketching, reading, editing and lots more.
I'm a person that socializes with other people easily. I also like to go for the new experiences.

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